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The world's first international Internet Martial Arts Community!  Now there is finally a way for the entire universe of Martial Artists to come together to share information and associate with the world's most skilled and respected leaders of the Martial Arts.

WorldBlacklBelt's purpose is to unify the fragmented Martial Arts world.

Joining WorldBlackBelt as a Founding Member is the legendary Martial Arts superstar Chuck Norris, along with Gene LeBell, Bob Wall, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Howard Jackson, and many other greats.

Members of WorldBlackBelt additionally, will have access to unique and exclusive online features like the "Words of Wisdom" from the Grand Masters, the "Celebrity of the Month" and participate in our entertaining guessing game in the "Classics Corner".

You will be able to submit your candidates for "Instructor of the Month" and "Student of the Month".

Additionally, you will receive incredible special discounts and opportunities, as well as access to the WorldBlackBelt Pages, the world's most comprehensive online business directory for the Martial Arts. Members also will be able to participate in amazing chat sessions with Martial Arts icons and connect to the most complete calendar of events & tournaments for all styles. Members also can attend on line seminars and be eligible to vote for and attend the Annual WorldBlackBelt Hall of Fame Dinner and Awards Ceremony.

Members will have access to exciting new online Martial Art Games, financial services such as the WorldBlackBelt Credit Card, nutritional supplements such as the "Kickbar", and the phenomenal "Super Mall" that includes videos, books, collectibles, training equipment, gear and special tailored opportunities only for members of WorldBlackBelt.

WorldBlackBelt will blast the Martial Arts into the new millennium and provide revolutionary business opportunities for all of its members.

Everybody who is anybody in the world of Martial Arts will be online at WorldBlackBelt.



Phone: (866)BlackBelt

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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