I am required to divy up this business operation 2017 the Building and it's activities:
On this location of 1751 Cloverfield Blvd., Santa Monica, Ca. 90404 The motto "AAnd They Thought They'd Never Be Caught"
Are a number of activities: The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #0900 Santa Monica, Ca. who's motto is "Fortunate People in a Fortunate Land" The sister city of Santa Monica is Fujinomya Douri. The Fraternal Order of Police (Elks) address is 1040 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, Ca. 90405 The Saginaw Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #0105 is lacated at Fraternal Order of Police 1120 S. Niagara St., Saginaw, Mi. 48602 (989) 791-1799 (Saginaw Fraternal Order of Police POB 444, Saginaw, Mi. 48606) Saginaw, Mi. and All-American City and sister city of Tokyo is my hometown. Of course the Japan Police Agency, Korean Police Agency and China Police Agency representing martial arts insurance Markel Insurance and benefits of those who are aged 60 and over through the welfare office which would include GR General Relief and Food Stamps. Saginaw Police Department (Mi.), Michigan State Police (Dixie Hwy., Saginaw, Mi.), Sheriff of Saginaw County (Mi.), California State Police, California Highway Patrol (Hwy. 1), Sheriff of Los Angeles County, Los Angeles Air Force Base SMO Santa Monica Field Station #5039910. These are the most important Benefits, Inheritance and Self Defense. http://karenlhall.livejournal.com
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