:D :) :o :( ;) [b][/b]In honor of my mother and father: I have an urn with everyone I know all through time. If it weren't for the Chinese restaurant in my hometown of All-American City and Sister City of Tokyo [Pronounced Sa gi naw Mi chi gan Mo ngo li a] that my parents picked up chinese boxes at I would not have met the family that owned it. Although we do not lay down our lives for another, this family is still missing 1 person in the family. The Karate Class/Karate Retreat 2017 and the Father Anonymous Rev. Karen Lynn Hall Catholic Pilgrimage for the Dead and Dying will continue through Chinese New Year January-February! Chapel of the Field Catholic Retreat 2017
I am concentrating today on Japanese! I recommend a Japanese-English Dictionary. Many people don't know why Mommy and Daddy introduced them to take out Chinese food. Chinese laundry done. Bed made. Break Fast at 9AM. Karen Hall Has A Karate Studio!
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