" Sitting on the patio I have still an urge to show you first the neighborhood of this most interesting Dojo as it is nicknamed by Americans. You see even in Venezuela of South America they have a photo of a naked bushman before Japanese architecture in thatched hut style. If you think little of that. Do this follow the block in a circle if you can. And If you can't, watch for the "Sidewalkers". You will see how you will have to cross the street and do take a look at everything! You may go down the other side of the block if you wish." I must appear fantastic looking, so I must go for now. And it will be on my mind to continue this educational tour and interview" Karen Hall Martial Arts Studio 2017 Winter
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    Jade Simon
    Jade Simon
    Tuesday, April 03 2018, 04:43 AM - #Permalink
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