"Fortunate People in a Fortunate Land" 10:00 AM Pacific Time and until 12:00 Midnight today I will continue to teach this class until I have finished my book.
Karen Hall Karate Studio 2017 "Saga Miyazaki" means Saginaw, Michigan.
1. Discounts in steps 10%
2. Birds
3. Liters
4. Boxing Rounds
5. People
6. Rooms
7. Steps, Paces
8. Minutes, Promptness
9. Nights of Stayover
10. Cupfuls, Glassfuls, Bowlfuls, Spoonfuls
11. Years 21/63
12. Annuit Coeptis
13. Letters of Correspondence
14. Bowls and Chopsticks
15. Traffic
16. Broadcast Channels
17. Musical Pieces (James Brown)
18. Train
19. Books and Magazines
20. Courses, Menus of Foods
21. Pairs
22. Houses
23. Incidents
24. Gallons
25. Stories
26. Film and Photography
27. Insurance
28. Imaginary Conditioning and Gravel Conditioning
This is a daily and monthly yoga and meditation for karate.
Selected Japanese cities are Yokohama, Yamaguchi, Yamagata, Mito, Fukushima, Fukuoka, Fukui, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Nagano, Nagasaki, Tokyo, Saga, Kyoto, Osaka
"That dog barked at me. To break into pieces, to crack openo split. Oneself, only me/I can do this only by myself. Disposable wooden chopsticks. To cut, to break into a conversation *****. My father looks young for his age. To have a good laugh. Joke, funny story. Starw thatching. Traditional Japanese clothes. Japanese-style house. To become caught in a trap. To forget, to cease to remember. Meager salary. It's only five minutes on foot from the train station. New Japanese cuisine. Japanese-style room. Why did you go there? For what reason did you go there. Tell me the reason you stayed home. The bath is heated. Let's say good-by here. To get divorced. Do you understand what that person is saying? Do you understand Japanese? Young person. Please boil some water. Wine glass. Oh, I'm happy. Gosh, It's smelly! We've discussed that problem. Robot. Mountain lodge. To videotape, to record. Recording room, studio. I taped that radio program. To record, to tape. Ropeway, aerial cableway. Masterless samurai. Heavy labor. Worker, laborer. Working hours. Labor, work. To light a candle. Old people's home. Hallway, corridor. Royal box. To think of by association, to be reminded of. Contact lens. Wide-angle lens. Standard lens. Telephoto lens. Lens. Practice training. Gas range. Microwave oven. (kitchen) range. Custody, to transport criminal, prisoner. The pianist repertory is wide. The Japanese Island chain Archipelago. Label. Local train. To form a line. To cut in line. Receiver, the part of a telephone or other device held to the ear to hear a transmission. Please pay at the checkout counter. Checkout counter. Cash register. Record Shop. Record Player. Our school has a history of 63 years. Raincoat. Chapel. Refrigerator. Thank-You letter. It is not necessary to thank me. I don't know how to thank you. Bow (of respect). Telephone with an answering machine. Taking care of a house (while others are away). Being out, being away (not at home or not at workplace). Ancestry roots. Resemblance. Special newscast. To relax, yoga and meditation. Honeymoon. http://www.youtube.com/user/karenlhall http://karenlhall.livejournal.com
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Karen Hall Karate Class and Retreat 2017
Happy Paradise Weekend!
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