;) "Kabuki Clay" by Karen Hall Karate Studio 2 people comedic karate class 2017
:( Makeup by Ben Nye
:o Comedy by Karen Hall:)
Dancing by Karen Hall:D
Script by Karen Hall
Karate Clay is a play involving 2 Samurai men and one is dead already. The penalty is a guilty conscience.
1. Sword at neck "De cap it tate!"
2. "Delicious Dish!"
3. "My father is poor at cooking!"
End of play now the festive dance begins where the two headed snake rests his guilty concience. And the Chinese New Year will not even help in shifting him into an acceptable person as one person is missing from the family. Now we have the Mongolian Welfare Office taking Mongoloid Race people and Hindu people and Negro people and White people into one big family. The people concern with the police.
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Concientious. What is the charge for one hour? There are rows of palm trees on both sides of the road. Dormitory. Rucksack, napsack. School, body of followers (of a traditional art form). Japanese fluently. Great popularity. Hairstyle is in fashion now. The Ryuku Islands. Dragon. Remote control. Commission (payment), kickback. Haircutting, barbering. Petrified lunch is hell. Thanks Coolio! Class is ended.
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