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A knife produced in the Phillipines. Also known as a "butterfly knife."


An ancient form of Indian fighting who principle tenant is to defeat an armed enemy without killing him


A Burmese method of armed and unarmed combat composed of karate-like striking a kicking, judo-like throws, stick fighting, swordplay, and knife and spear fighting.


A West Javanese style of gulat


A Burmese martial art, influenced by both Chinese and Indian sources, which embrases the use of such weapons as the sword, staff and spear.


Grand sumo tournaments scheduled six times each year in Japan


A wooden or rattan stick or cane of varying lengths used in the Filipino martial arts


Students and practitioners of anis de mano


A Sumatran curved dagger with a convex cutting edge


A Malaysian martial art embracing both empty-hand and weapons techniques


An ancient Indian form of weaponless fighting the employed wrestling techniques against both armed and unarmed assailants


A spear-like weapon with a blade resembling a scimitar affixed to its end. This weapon is extremely heavy, and was used to cut through armor and/or to cut down a horse in combat. The bisento was primarily used by the ninja of feudal Japan.


A wooden staff approximately six feet long. It is one of the five weapons systematized by the early Okinawan developers of te (hand), and originated with the poles used by farm people to balance heavy loads across the shoulders.


Protective equipment of nonmetallic materials used in several styles of Japanese karate, primarily for competitive sparring.


An armed defense system centering around the use of the bo. It was developed from Japanese lance and spear techniques

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