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A wooden sword used by the Japanese feudal warrior as a practice weapon. The bokken went on to become an effective battlefield weapon


See "bo."


"Military" or "warrior." A concept denoting the entire military dimension of feudal Japan.


A religious doctrine, one branch of which - the Chan school, or Zen - is closely connected to the practice of the martial arts.


"Military way" or "way of fighting." A generic term encompassing all of the Japanese martial arts, which are largely 20th century offspring stemming from concepts that can first be positively identified about the mid-18th century.


Any follower of the budo doctrine belonging to such arts as aikido, judo, kendo and karate.


A generic term encompassing older Japanese martial arts which applies specifically to those principles used by the samurai, or bushi, whose occupation was called bugei.


A name for the martial arts expert. Translated as "military person" or "warrior person."


"Military arts." A collective term for all the Japanese arts practiced by the samurai.


Samurai. Translated as "person or military class."


"Analysis." The detailed study of martial arts techniques.


"Military person," "warrior," or "samurai." A term for the Japanese warrior which was changed to samurai in the 15th century.


A strict code of ethical behavior followed by the samurai. Bushido was formulated during the Tokugawa Era (1603 - 1868) of Japan. The premise of the code was to advise a samurai how to conduct himself in battle and how to find a meaningful place in a peacetime society


A Brazilian form of combat adapted by African slaves to fight oppression. Capoeira is dance-like, and many believe it was developed this way to be disguised as a dance to the slave owners.

Cha chuan

A northern Chinese form of kung fu developed from 14th to 17th century by Muslims of Sinkiang, Chinghai, and Kansu, in the west and south of China. In this system, practitioners fight from long range using high, long leaps to close the gap.

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