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Arnis striking technique using a stick and resembling a fan motion

Age uke

Rising block. Also known as a high or upper block


Translated as "harmony," this term is most commonly associated with aikido, where one combines their energy with that of their opponents.


"Harmony meeting." When one combines an opponents' energy with their own for control.


Aikido (eye-kee'doh)1. Meeting spirit way.2. Unarmed method of self-defense founded in Tokyo in 1942 by Morihei Uyeshiba and based on the principle of harmony and nonresistance with one’s opponent. An aikidoist in practice attempts to involve his partner in turning around his center axis


"Technique of harmonious spirit." A branch of ancient jujutsu from which aikido was developed.


"Opponent" or "partner." An adversary in a contest.


"Mutual striking down or simultaneous point." A simultaneous score by both competitors in the sport aspects of Japanese martial arts.

American Karate

hybrid form of traditional karate founded in the United States which adopts techniques from all styles and develops them to meet the indigenous needs of the American practitioner


"Balance," "stability," or "equilibrium."


"Form." Dance-like techniques practiced in the Filipino art of arnis.



Ap Chagi

"Front kick." Also known as apcha busigi (front snap kick.)


An indonesian halberd weapon of pentjak-silat approximately five feet in length that features a shallow groove in the plane of the blade running the length of the shaft


A sickle with pronounced crescent-blade patterns and a short handle, used in pentjak-silat.

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