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A Brazilian form of combat adapted by African slaves to fight oppression. Capoeira is dance-like, and many believe it was developed this way to be disguised as a dance to the slave owners.

Cha chuan

A northern Chinese form of kung fu developed from 14th to 17th century by Muslims of Sinkiang, Chinghai, and Kansu, in the west and south of China. In this system, practitioners fight from long range using high, long leaps to close the gap.


A Chinese exercise tool once made of iron and more recently of cement. These block-like objects, with handles, are used in one- and two-hand exercises to strengthen the the wrists and arms.


"Spirit," "air," "breath," or "spirit energy." A biophysical energy generated through breathing techniques studied in kung fu. Ideally, chi can infuse a person with tremendous vitality and make him or or her extremely powerful in action, much moreso than power developed through the muscular system alone.

Chi Kung

A breathing exercise that cultivates chi and transmits it to all the bodily organs. Known in ancient China as "the method to repel illness and prolong life."

Chi sao

"Sticking hands." An exercise used in Wing Chun kung fu that develops sensitivity to the hands and arms.


"Spear." One of the major Chinese weapons practiced in wushu.


"Removing blood from the sword." In iaido (way of the sword), a sharp downward stroke of the sword done in such a way as to shake off the blood accumulated from previous cutting actions.


A double-edged sword used in many styles of kung fu. Also known as the "gim" or "jyan."


"Strength" or "power."


See "shinai."


The referee of a match. Also known as "shimban," "sinban," or "shimpan."

Ching lo

Accupuncture's twelve meridians of the body on which they key points of treatment lie and which are associated with the vital organs

Ching Shien

Spirit of vivacity in the Chinese martial arts

Cho wa

In the Japanese martial arts, the harmonious mental and physical reaction while at practice.

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