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A Japanese long sword worn slung from a sword belt. Like the katana, the tachi had a single-edged curved blade.

Tachi rei

"Standing bow." A salutation common to numerous Japanese martial arts.

Tae kwon do

"Way of hands and feet." The primary form of Korean unarmed combat, named during a conference of chung do kwan masters in 1955. It is considered the most popular martial art in the world.

Tai chi chuan

"Grand ultimate fist." An internal system of kung fu, also called soft boxing, characterized by its deliberately slow, continuous, circular, well-balanced and rhythmic movements.

Tai sabaki

"Body movement."


"Body art." A generic term for a system of empty-hand combat.


The captain of a team

Tan tien

"Sea of chi." The psychic center located just below the naval, which protects the center of gravity and produces a reservior of force upon which to draw. Also known as "tan den."



Tang soo do

"Art of the Chinese hand." A Korean combative differing only slightly from Tae Kwon Do.


A Japanese dagger with a blade eight to sixteen inches long and carried by the samurai in addition to the katana


"Expert." An expert of Japanese martial arts who is of third- to fourth-degree black belt. All belts within this category, however, do not recieve this title.


"Straw mat." A mat usually measuring three by six feet and three inches thick (with bound straw inside.)


Vertical fist


A command to stand up from a kneeling position

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