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Martial Arts Style Ju-jitsu

The samurai warriors of feudal Japan were the inventors of the deadly fighting techniques of classical Ju-Jitsu. The warriors developed unarmed and short-arm techniques that could be used to incapacitate or kill an enemy when the warriorís primary weapon, usually the sword, was unavailable.

Ju-Jitsu was not taught as a system separate from ken-jutsu (sword fighting) until 1532. By the mid-1900ís more than 700 systems were taught throughout Japan. Among those mentioned prominently in martial arts chronicles are: Tenjin Shinyo-ryu, Takenouchi ryu, Sousuishitsu ryu, Kito ryu and Sekiguchi ryu. Other ancient and reputable schools, such as the Yagu-Shingan ryu or the Date clan and the Juki ryu or Sawa Dochi, are listed within the doctrine of Ju-Jitsu (also spelled jiu jitsu).

Ju-Jitsu techniques are composed of striking, kicking, throwing, joint locking, strangle or choking holds, and grappling maneuvers in addition to the use of certain weapons.

Ju-Jitsu gained international popularity with the advent of televisionís Ultimate Fighting Championships.

As millions of viewers watched from their sofaís martial artists of all styles, shapes and builds met in a full contact cage match, putting their skill and style on the line.

It was during these matches that Brazilian jujitsu as taught by the Gracie clan gained popularity.

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