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Tong Il Lo

Martial Arts Style Tong Il Lo

Master William McDonald & the late Chief Instructor Gilbert Narvaez through bringing together five different disciplines of the martial arts, created a practical street self-defense system in 1994. By combining Tae Kwon-Do, Kenpo Karate, Muay Thai, Aikido, & Jujitsu, TONG IL LO (Path to Unity) was coined. With over 40 years of combined martial arts experience, Master McDonald and Mr. Narvaez came to an agreement, that learning one system of self-defense would limit techniques used by the practitioner in aggressive street situations. But, by blending the special qualities of each art, the practitioner would be given an unlimited range of techniques to defend against an adversary. Each one of the five disciplines specializes in a particular area of defense.

  • Tae Kwon-Do – Specializes in using an array of dynamic kicking abilities and emphasizes explosive power in its’ techniques.
  • Kenpo Karate – Details a wide range of hand techniques by the use of fluid close-quarter combat movements.
  • Muay Thai – Teaches techniques to increase endurance & stamina by conditioning the body.
  • Aikido – Neutralizes an aggressor by redirecting the attacker’s energy-in-motion through the use of throws & proper footwork.
  • Jujitsu – Manipulates an adversary’s attack by mastering a wide range of joint locks & ground fighting techniques.

    It is the desire of both Master McDonald and Mr. Narvaez that the serious students of Tong Il Lo understand that the mastery of these blended techniques can only be done through the supervised instruction received in class, coupled with continuous practice on a regular basis.

    Since its beginning, Tong Il Lo has been taught to thousands of people of all walks of life, including those with physical impairments, such as students restricted to a wheelchair and the blind. The practitioner does not fit Tong Il Lo, but rather Tong Il Lo fits the practitioner, since these techniques meet each person’s physical and mental capabilities when ever necessary. Therefore, this allows for progression by everyone in this uniquely devised method of self-defense.

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