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White Crane

Martial Arts Style White Crane

White Crane Style of Chinese kung-fu based on the movements of the crane and the ape. Tibetan white crane, as opposed to Fukeinese white crane from the Shaolin Temple, is called pale-hoc in Chinese. It stems from the Tibetan Lama, or Hop Gar martial system.

Sing-Lung, a Buddhist priest, is credited by many with introducing white crane to China. From him the style was passed to Wong-Lum-Hoi, then Ng-Siu-Chung, the last great patriarch of the system.

After Ng's death in 1968, the Pak-Hoc Athletic Federation was formed in Hong Kong, extending authority to all white crane teachers in the absence of Master Ng, who died without appointing a successor. Today white crane is closely overseen by federations in Hong Kong and Singapore, although more and more non-Orientals are being permitted to study the system.

Ng-Siu-Chung taught three prominent students who became key figures in the migration of white crane kung-fu to the U.S.: CheukTiang-Tse, in Hawaii; Chan-Hoc-Fu, whose student, George Long, was the first person to open his kwoon (Chinese school) to non Orientals in San Francisco; and Lak-Chi-Fu, whose student, Quentin Fong, is well known in the U.S., and whose son, Lak-Chung-Mau, teaches the art in Canada.

White crane is a combination of long and short-hand techniques. It employee both internal and external methods of training and is composed of 24 sets, 10 empty-hand and 14 weaponry, utilizing a wide range of hand and leg maneuvers. As a rule the techniques apply methods of cutting nerves and striking pressure points. White crane footwork, like that of Hop-Gar, is based on moves developed for the mui-fa-jeong (plum-flower stumps), a series of tree-stumps driven into the ground atop which students practiced kung-fu.

This philosophy of white crane,identical to that of Hop-Gar, is based on four words: chon (to destroy), sim (to evade), chun (to penetrate), and jeet (to intercept).

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