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Sensei Cecil Peoples Come Back After Fighting A Brain Tumor

By Spice Williams-Crosby, BS/MFS

I met Sensei Cecil Peoples years ago when I was just starting out in Martial Arts. He was my hero then and he still is today. He’s a great guy with a great sense of humor, whose classes and privates are beyond a challenge. On one hand he’s tough as nails, but on the other, he’s a pussycat quick to share his wisdom, techniques, and experience. I love his classes. They empower me as a martial artist.

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Osteonecrosis – Osteo - Latin for “bone”; Necros – Latin for “death”

Osteonecrosis means bone death. Also called Avascular necrosis, osteonecrosis is on the up rise today, with more than 20,000 new cases being diagnosed in the US every year. There are 250,000 documented cases of it at present; but the actual figure is probably much higher according to the National Osteonecrosis Foundation, our sister organization.

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The concept is simple. Want to protect your health? Drink more water. Did you know your body is made up of 70-80% water? World Black Belt researched some important information and wants to pass it along to you.

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The Human Side of Aspartame Poisoning

While government and industry claim aspartame is safe, millions of people suffer its effects on the human body. There are real people whose chronic symptoms disappear soon after aspartame is eliminated from their diets. On the website at are hundreds of case histories where extremely sick people were able to identify aspartame as the cause of their ill-health. How? Simple: They began feeling a lot better after eliminating it from their diet. The most compelling evidence that aspartame is a systemic poison is not found in lab tests performed on lab rats or in statistical studies among human populations. It is found in the bodies of real people.

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Balancing Body Chemistry

Our creator endowed us with balanced body chemistry, which if properly maintained, provides us with a long, healthy life. Unfortunately, doctors pay little or no attention to balancing body chemistry.

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