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Louis Casamassa

"If there isn't a in your neighborhood you need to move"


  • Began martial arts training in japan 1958.
  • Received first black belt in judo by resei kano (the son of the founder of judo) at the Kodokan Tokyo, Japan.
  • Received black belt in karate by Mas Nagano, Yokosuka Japan and Toshiko Yagome
  • U.S. Marine corps captain all marine judo and karate team
  • Served 5 years as Pennsylvania police officer
  • Began teaching martial arts in U.S. in 1963 in Bethlehem, PA.
  • First ever to teach women at the men’s YMCA, 1963.
  • Opened 5 studios in Pennsylvania 1963 to 1972
  • Founded American Karate (AKA) Red Dragon Karate Studios
  • Founded A.K.K.F. American Karate Kung-fu Federation, 1967
  • Manager of two finance companies


  • Awarded 10th degree black belt in 1983, sanctioned and recognized by 5 national and international martial arts organizations.
  • Founded the Red Dragon Karate System blending 7 major martial arts styles into one
  • Honorable discharge U.S. Marine corps, 1964
  • Decorated military veteran
  • Graduate Bethlehem Catholic High School,1958
  • Graduate logistics training school
  • Graduate FBI school
  • Graduate police academy
  • Taught at 5 colleges (martial arts and physical education)
  • Citrus college 2 years, associate degree business
  • Author of two books “Rapist Beware” & “Crash of One Arm Bandits”
  • Author of over 50 Martial Arts manuals
  • Worked with secret service to protect President Reagan in California, 1980’s
  • Publisher of national martial arts magazine “American Karate” and “Dragon Illustrated” (now red dragon illustrated)
  • Promoted over 100 national and regional martial arts tournaments
  • Promoter of Martial Arts Super Show (annually since 1995)
  • Promoter of 6 martial arts tournaments (annually)
  • Promoter, and/or director, of two of the largest karate tournaments in the U.S.
  • Promoter of the A.K.K.F “Hall of Fame”
  • Instructor and mentor of over 1,000 black belts, many of which are in the who’s who of karate and hundreds who are now, or have been, national champions
  • Instructor and mentor of many television and movie celebrities
  • Have 50 students that are currently masters or grand masters holding the rank of 5th degree black belt or higher throughout the United States
  • Fight and stunt choreographer for movies and television shows
  • Producer, and/or director, of videos, including rock videos and martial arts videos
  • Manager of two rock groups
  • Director and instructor of 35 Red Dragon Karate Studios located in California, Utah, Pennsylvania and Belize, Costa Rica


  • Gold medal recipient in judo at the kodokan, Tokyo Japan 1960
  • Winner of more than 50 judo championships in Japan 1959 –1961
  • Undefeated united states marine judo competitor
  • “Rookie of the year” Bethlehem, PA Police department 1967
  • “Policeman of the year” Bethlehem, PA 1968
  • Winner of world fast draw competition 1982-83
  • Who’s who in karate
  • Inducted into 4 martial arts hall of fames
  • Recipient of more than 250 martial arts awards, including state, community affairs, public and political
  • Recipient of assembly resolutions
  • Recipient of congressional resolutions
  • Recipient of senate resolutions
  • Recipient of governor’s awards
  • Recipient of county and mayoral resolutions
  • Honored by 4 presidents that accepted honorary membership in the A.K.K.F. American Karate Kung-Fu Federation and Red Dragon Karate Studios - Presidents Nixon, Carter, Reagan and Ford
  • Greatest award...the father of three great sons, all of which are masters and proud owners of a Red Dragon Karate Studio
  • Chris Casamassa (scorpion/batman), Scott Casamassa, owner Glendora Red Dragon studio, current A.K.K.F. and Red Dragon #1 competitor, David Casamassa, owner of Chino City Red Dragon Karate Studio
  • And final award.. 5 grandchildren who are the real grand masters….. Cassidy & Courtney (twins), Gabriel, Julian and Emily. What more can one ask for?



Guitars (collecting and playing)

Shooting (specializing in combat shooting)

Harley Davidsons (collecting and riding)

Antiques and collectibles (specializing in sports collectibles)

If you would like to contact Lou Casamassa he can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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