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Ronald Duncan

Ronald Duncan

Born in Panama, Professor Ronald Duncan was boxing at the age of seven. Growing up in an area where all the elite forces of that nation were being taught Jungle Warfare, Professor Duncan learned at a very early age to read the signs of nature for directions in and out of the Jungle. It was the start of a long and very involved career in phases of the martial arts few men ever dare to explore.

Since those days, Professor Duncan has earned a BlackBelt in Hakko Ryu Ju Jitsu, Dainippon 5Ju Jitsu, Nippon Sosusitti Ryu, Kin Dai Gakko, Kodokan Judo, Aikido, Aiki-jitsu, Kempo, Chi-chi-su, Kobujitsu, and Shinobino-jitsu (popularly known as Ninjitsu). His teachers were all legendary men; Charlie Neal, Earnie Cates, Tatsuo Uzaki, and Donn Draeger.

With such a broad background in the various martial arts, Professor Duncan became the first non-oriental to be publicly recognized by Official Karate magazine as a master of martial arts weaponry. Professor Duncan has taught Special Troops, Navy S.E.A.L. Teams, Law enforcement Agencies, and various Governmentagencies in foreign countries. He is also an accredited expert in firearms competition shooting with pistols, shotguns, and automatic weapons.

Since the establishment of his "way of the wind" system, schools throughout the world .are affiliated with him; and he has, taught in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Panama, England, Bermuda, and various other places.

Professor Duncan received a Hall of Fame award in 1977 from the Professional Karate Federation, the Turtull Hall of Fame in 1981, and is recognizable as the "Father of American Ninjitsu", "America's Premier Ninja". and "America's Ninja Supreme".

Professor Duncan has been featured numerous times in magazines such as BLACK BELT, OFFICIAL KARATE, WARRIORS, WORLD PROFESSIONAL KARATE, and other; and was featured in the book NINJA-CLAN OF DEATH by Al Weiss and Tom Philbin. He appeared in the movie "NOT JUST ANOTHER WOMAN", on TV's "Thrillseekers", "Interface", "Wide World of Sports" (some 21 times), and channel news: to name a few.

Though Ninjitsu is still more or less shrouded in mystery, Professor Duncan's lectures, demonstrations, and classes bring it into the light of contemporary understanding: and through these efforts has since been inducted into the Who's Who Elite of Martial Arts in 1988, the All-American Open Hall of Fame in 1987, the Eastcoast of the United States of America, Pioneers Hall of Fame in 1989, and the Warriors Humanitarian Award in 1987, American Federation of martial Arts Hall of Fame 1990.

For all the latest Ronald Duncan information visit Way of the Winds Website. If you would like to contact Ronald Duncan you can reach him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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