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Rene Latosa

Rene Latosa

Rene Latosa has been studying and teaching the Filipino martial arts for over 29 years. He began his training at the Stockton Escrima Academy in Stockton, CA in 1968 with Dentoy Revilar (Serrada), Maximo Sarmiento (Kadena de Mano), Leo Giron (Largo Mano) and Angel Cabales (Serrada). However, the most influential Escrimador in his life was his father Juan Latosa.

The original organization called the Philippine Martial Arts Society began in 1976. Escrima was the initial name used under the flag of the PMAS. The name changed to Combat-Escrima in 1982 as the system became influenced by the concepts of using power and combat reality. Combat-Escrima relied heavily upon a single goal: Winning. This goal produced an aggressive student which was a valuable asset; however, this single focus of winning actually proved limiting in the progression of the system and the future instructor. The PMAS produced many excellent fighters and world champions but failed to produce well-rounded instructors. Realizing this flaw, Rene developed training methods that are now used to help the student understand the reasoning behind the techniques and the concepts of Escrima.

If you would like to contact Rene Latosa you can reach him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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