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Bill Wallace

Bill Wallace

"The Martial Arts community represents the finest fraternity in the entire world. The creation of WorldBlackBelt enables martial artists to keep in touch and stay together."

Bill Wallace also known as "Superfoot" and sometimes simply as "Sparky", is known for his portrayal as the bad guy “Sparky” in the Chuck Norris action adventure A Force of One. Many film stars and actors had their time in Martial Arts competition, and Wallace was no exception.

Bill used his foot as others would use their hands, faking opponents with two or three rapid fake kicks and following with one solid knockout technique.

Wallace, during his competition carrer stood 5-foot, 10 1/2 inches tall and is a native of Portland, Ind., began studying karate in February 1967 after suffering a right leg injury in a judo accident. The injury left him without the use of the leg in karate competition. Some observers said Wallace was committing martial arts suicide. Wallace, however, had other ideas.

In the next seven years, "Superfoot," named after his manager saw an advertisement for a "super foot long hot dog" at a sporting event.

As a national champion point fighter three years in a row, even though Howard Jackson beat him 3 times in a row, Wallace captured virtually every major event on the tournament circuit. The more prestigious victories included: the U.S. Championships (3 times), the USKA Grand Nationals (3 times), and the Top Ten Nationals (2 times). While winning the previous 3 tournaments, Wallace was unable to win or place in the International Championships, the All-American, the Tournament of Champions, the National or World Championships.

He was such as dominant figure in martial arts that Black Belt magazine, the bible of industry publications, named him to its Hall of Fame three times in seven years -- twice as "Competitor of the Year" and once as "Man of the Year."

In 1973, Wallace, whose education includes a bachelor's degree (1971) in physical education from Ball State University and a master's degree (1976) in kinesiology (the study of human movement) from Memphis State University, suffered what many considered a career-ending injury. However, one of Wallace's friends, the late Elvis Presley, flew in a Los Angeles acupuncturist to treat the Karate champion at Graceland Manor.

A year later, Wallace turned professional and captured the PKA middleweight karate championship with a second-round knockout (hook kick) of West German Bernd Grothe in Los Angeles. He relinquished the crown in 1980, after deciding he did not want to retire after a defeat.

Despite his retirement, Wallace continued to be one of the martial arts popular figures. He is the author of three books: Karate: Basic Concepts & Skills, Dynamic Kicking & Stretching, and The Ultimate Kick. Bill is a member of Master Media Productions, LLC which produced the self defense series SAFE, Simple Actions for Everyone.

As well as a former member of the President's Council on Physical Fitness, Wallace also has been active in the film industry.

His credits include: A Force of One starring Chuck Norris; Kill Point, with Cameron Mitchell; Continental Divide and Neighbors, with John Belushi, whom he acted as trainer and bodyguard; Protector, with Jackie Chan; A Prayer for the Dying, with Mickey Rourke; Ninja Turf; and A sword of Heaven.

After retirement, Sparky Bill certified numerous martial arts instructors as "Superfoot Instructors". Some of these Superfoot legends include Bob "Superfoot" Haeberle, and Marino "Superfoot" Jones.

If you would like to contact Bill "Superfoot" Wallace you can do so at billwallace@worldblackbelt or visit Superfoot's Website at Bill Superfoot Wallace

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