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Chris Casamassa

Chris Casamassa

Chris started his martial arts training in 1969 at the age of 4 and has been actively seeking knowledge ever since. He made his first degree Black belt at the age of 10, and recently reached a milestone at the end of 2004 when he was awarded his 8th degree Black Belt in Red Dragon Karate, He also has earned his 1st degree Black belt in Shorin-Ryu under long time mentor and friend Steve Fisher.

Chris’ professional tournament career started in 1982 and when he retired in 1992 he had amassed a very impressive string of titles: 4 time national open forms champion, 2 national weapons titles, and a top 5 rated middleweight fighter. Although he retired in 1992 he has coached and made a few champion ship appearances in national tournaments. Two of his top students Roland Osborne and Deanna Bivins went onto gain national prominence in the late 90’s and into the early part of the 21st century.

Chris is also the first national competitor to win Grand champion titles in three different decades of his life 20’s 30’s and having just turned 40 in January 2004 he competed and won the weapons Grand Championship at the N.A.S.K.A. 5 star rated COMPETE Nationals held at the LA county fairgrounds.

Besides his outstanding tournament record Chris went from the pro competition tour directly into films and Television shows. The first of which was directly attributed to his Grand Champion performance at Joe Corley’s “Battle of Atlanta” On Mr. Corley’s recommendation Pat Johnson, the fight choreographer behind smash hits such as The Karate Kid 1-4” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and dozens of other top films, took a chance on Chris, in a small film which starred his longtime pal Mike Bernardo called “Shoot fighter” producers from a new TV show called “W.M.A.C. Masters” liked what they saw and called Chris to star in the series with the top ten sport competition stars of the time, The show had a great run for 3 years on FOX and was rated #1 in its time period. These first two gigs helped him land the role for which most people now recognize him. The role of “Scorpion” in the hit film “Mortal Kombat”

Later this year Chris will appear in back to back projects. The first of which is the long awaited 3rd sequel to the MK films. MK “Devastation” is slated to begin filming early in 2006. Immediately on the Horizon is the new reality show called: “The Next Martial Arts Superstar” Chris will host the show and contestants on the show will square off against each other to win the ultimate prize: A starring role in their own movie. For more information about Chris, or for links to upcoming film and TV shows log onto his site

Chris Casamassa has also created a unique and exciting program for kids called: KICKNFIT

Kick-N-Fit is a 30-minute high energy fast paced circuit-training workout consisting of fun martial art movie style moves, along with Yoga & kickboxing drills that work every major muscle group The KICK-N-FIT Program burns fat and builds healthy muscle fast.

The KICK-N-FIT program is designed for kids between the ages 7-17. The class is done only three days per week for 30 minutes each day. KICK-N-FIT provides the best in martial arts training and cardio conditioning. The KICK-N-FIT program is FUN and easy to learn. No martial arts experience is required!

KICK-N-FIT KIDZ includes a complete fitness menu that is easy to follow and even easier to use. Plus : A “what food to buy” list is provided for the parents to use.


WE GUARANTEE THE RESULTS. with a 100% money back promise: A minimum 10- pound drop in weight within 10 weeks!

The KICK-N-FIT KIDZ system is designed for children of all ages, sizes and fitness levels by providing a cool 21st Century martial arts training and fat burning workout in just 30 minutes. The perfect program for kids on the go!

The KICK-N-FIT training program is available for martial arts studios, gyms and child care centers, across the country.

A bonus of being associated with the KICKNFIT program is the celebrity factor- Many people across the country are aware of Chris' film credits including BLADE, Batman & Robin, and of course as Scorpion in the Mortal Kombat films and TV Shows.

Check out the interactive web site to learn more.

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