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Kimo Ferreira

Kimo Ferreira

Born on November 20, 1949, in Oakland, California, Feliciano “Kimo” Ferreira moved to Hawaii at a young age and began studying boxing and Kempo Karate when he was just 6. He later became the student of Walter Godin (1937 – August 7, 2001, student of Joe Emperado and Professor William K. S. Chow). Ferreira states that Godin was his principal instructor, and that he went on to teach for Godin in Palama for 5 years. Ferreira also studied Aikijutsu, Escrima, Espada-y-Daga, Doce Manos, and Karazenpo.

He is the founder of Kempo Jutsu Kai. His school is located in Pearl City, Hawaii, and has branches and conducts seminars around the world. More information about Ferreira can be obtained at the Kempo Jutsu Kai website.

Ferreira has been features in DVDs, numerous articles, and is the subject of an upcoming book published in Japan. He emphasized “flow” and brutally effective techniques in his training. He is just as comfortable with the knife as he is with empty-handed techniques. In fact, he often explains that knife techniques can be used with the empty hand and that empty hand techniques should flow smoothly like knife techniques.

In April 2001, Ferreira arranged for the visit of Chosei Motobu (the son and successor of Choki Motobu) to Hawaii. Motobu was accompanied by Takeji Inaba. Chosei Motobu is also the successor of Seikichi Uehara (Motobu-Ryu Udunde), thus uniting the arts of his father (Choki Motobu) and his uncle (Choyu Motobu). During this visit, Motobu and Inaba taught at Ferreira’s dojo as well as the Hikari Dojo. Ferreira’s wife, Kiko, served as translator during the visit.

Thanks to Ferreira and Kiko, a wealth of information about Choki Motobu and his possible connection to the art of Kenpo was uncovered. Ferreira also arranged for visits by Motobu to the mainland United Stated and Europe. Articles about Chosei Motobu were written by Graham Noble (of England) and Charles C. Godin (of Hawaii). Ferreira was one of the first supporters of the Hawaii Karate Seinenkai. He has contributed information and materials about Masayoshi James Mitose and William K.S. Chow (Kenpo/Kempo), Henry Seishiro Okazaki (Danzan Ryu), and numerous other aspects of the history of Karate in Hawaii. Kiko has helped to translate many articles from Japanese to English.

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