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Joseph C. Hess

Joseph C. Hess

Personal Information

Name Joseph C. Hess
Date of Birth 02/21/45
Place of Birth Philadelphia, PA.
Height 6'2" Weight 270 Hair Brown Eyes Brown
Physical Condition Excellent
Religion Catholic
Marital Status Married 35 years Wife Brenda Hess
Children 2 sons Joseph L Hess and John M. Hess


  • Grades 1st thru 3rd St. Ann's Catholic School, Wildwood, NJ
  • Grades 4th thru 6th Glenwood Avenue School, Wildwood, NJ
  • Grades 7th thru 12th Wildwood High School, Wildwood, NJ
  • Graduated 1964- Honor Roll
  • Advanced Education Wesley Junior College, Dover, DL
  • Civilian Cumberland County College, New Jersey
  • Broward Community College, Davie, FL
  • Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
  • Florida International University, Davie, FL
  • Florida Atlantic University, Davie, FL

Military Education

  • 112th Arty Headquarters Division
  • Ft. Dlx, New York Training Camp
  • Advanced Infantry Training
  • Cooks and Bakers School
  • Ft Sill, Oklahoma Training Camp
  • Survival Training
  • S CST Army Division Training
  • Camp Drum, New York Training Camp
  • Honest John Missile Training

Military Weapons Expertise

  • M44 Rifle (Expert)
  • M-16 Rifle (Expert)
  • 38 Revolver (Expert)
  • 45 Automatic (Expert)
  • 50 Cal. Machine Gun
  • 350 Rocket Launcher
  • SSH Wd øOZ-6ø-d3S

Martial Arts Education

  • White thru Green Sash: Northern Eagle Gung Fu Under Sifu Pete Pernogotti - New Jersey
  • Red Thru Black Sash: Tiger and Crane Gung Fu under Sifu James Lowe Chinatown - New York
  • White thru 1st Black Belt: Okinowan-Te-Karate under Master James Smithey - New Jersey
  • White Thru 5th Black Belt: (Associates Degree) Kodokan Judo under Master Bill Craven - New Jersey
  • 1st Black thru 6th Black Belt: GoJu Karate under Master Edward Verycken - New Jersey Grandmaster Peter Urban - New York
  • Kendo Training: Olympic Center under Master Joseph Artesi - New Jersey
  • Advanced Kendo: Taigo DoJo - Toyko , Japan
  • Jiu-Jitsu Training: Olympic Center under Master Sagano - New Jersey
  • Ko-budo Weapon Training Chinatown DoJo under Grandmaster Peter Urban -New York
  • South Jersey Martial Arts Academy under Master Edward Verychken - New Jersey
  • 7th Black thru 8th Black (Masters Degree): American College of Dans under Grandmaster Peter Urban - New York
  • 9th Black thru 10th Black (Grandmasters Degree): Fashua University under Grandmaster Peter Urban - New Jersey
  • Advanced Degree Study: Main Humbo DoJo under O'Sensei Yamaguchi - Tokyo , Japan

Law Enforcement Education

  • New Jersey State Police Academy Trenton NJ
  • Seagirt Police Academy NJ Graduated Class President
  • Law Enforcement Officers Training School. Advanced Firearms
  • National Rifle Association Police Firearms Instructor
  • Division of Consumer Affairs Weights and Measures School
  • FBI Investigation Training School Instructor Development
  • International Association of Chiefs of Police. Physical Fitness Programs for Police
  • Law Enforcement Hypnosis Institute Investigative Hypnosis
  • Law Enforcement Training School Advanced Fingerprint Techniques Police Management
  • Institute of Police Traffic Management Chemical Agents
  • Institute for Police Self Defense Advanced Defensive Tactics
  • Police Self Defense Instructors Use of Force Continuum
  • Law Enforcement Education Broward Community College
  • Continued Thief of Vehicles Seminar
  • Police Liability Seminar
  • Identi-Kit Training
  • Narcotics and dangerous Drugs
  • Human Diversity
  • National Association of Chiefs of Police Familiarization in Chemical Weapons
  • Florida Standards and Training Instructors Techniques Certified
  • Self Defense Instructors International Advanced impact weapons.
  • Officer Survival Training Institute Police Survival Tactics
  • Law Enforcement Officers Training School. Stress Management
  • Northwestern University Stress Management
  • Colorado State Board of Education Certified Instructor Police
  • Ft. Lauderdale Police Department Sage Training Course Certified Less than lethal force.
  • Wellness Instructor Fla State Certified Orlando, Florida


1966 thrul 975 Wildwood Police Department

  • Certified Police Officer
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • K-9 Officer
  • Detective Division
  • Sergeant of Police
  • Police Swimming Instructor
  • Defensive Driving Instructor

1979 thru 1984 institute of Police Traffic Management

  • Adjunct Instructor Police
  • Survival Programs

1975 Thru Present Broward Community College

  • Criminal Justice/institute of Public Safety
  • Police Defensive Tacticsand Survival Training Instructor
  • Appointed Governor's Task Force for Defensive Tactics 1986
  • Firearms Instructor State of Fla.
  • Advanced Life Saving Instructor
  • Defensive Driving Instructor
  • CPR Certified
  • Certified Corrections Instructor State of Fla.
  • Police Practices and Procedures
  • Mental Disorders Instructor

On Going

  • Certified Private Investigator for
  • Intercept Agency State of Florida
  • Police Seminars National & international
  • Certified Expert Witness
  • Rape Prevention and Women's self defense Programs
  • Child Abduction and Awareness
  • Gang Familiarization
  • Airport Security Training
  • Executive Protection Programs
  • Anti-Terrorist Training
  • Trained Security Force for 1992
  • Olympics Barcelona Spain


  • 1969 Board Breaking Champion
  • 1972 East Coast Karate Champion
  • 1972 United States Karate Champion
  • 1973 New York State Karate Champion
  • 1974 International Karate & Kick Boxing Champion
  • 197S-77 World Heavy Weight Kick Boxing Champion
  • 1987 Awarded Mayor Honorary Citizens Award New Orleans
  • 1987 Inducted in Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • 1988 Inducted in the Black Belt Hall of Fame
  • 1989 Inducted in the Karate Hall of Fame
  • 1994 Inducted in the World Karate Hall of Fame
  • 1997 Inducted in the Don Nagle Karate Hall of Fame
  • 1998 Inducted in the International Karate Hall of Fame
  • 1998 Received Worlds most outstanding Instructor Award from
  • The World Martial Arts Institute
  • Academy of Fighting Arts, Sunrise FL
  • YMCA, Pt. Lauderdale FL
  • Pompano High School, Pompano FL
  • Piper High School, Sunrise FL
  • Dillard High School, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Broward Community College, Davie FL
  • Master Gym, Davie FL
  • Melbourne Karate Institute, Melbourne FL
  • University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Penn State, PA
  • Florida Medical Association, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Women in Distress, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • South Florida Martial Arts Academy, Oakland Park, FL
  • 110 Tower Building, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • American Business Women's Association, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Girl Scouts of America, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Boy Scouts of America, FT. Lauderdale, FL
  • Nova Elementary School, Davie, FL
  • Selkirk Television Studios, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Authored the following books:

  • "Nunchaku for Law Enforcement"
  • "Nunchaku as a Police Weapon"
  • "Nightstick"
  • "Nunchaku In Action"
  • "First Move" - Police Survival
  • "Women in Defense"
  • "Flex Baton"
  • "The Controller

    Articles Written about Mr. Hess:

    • Self Defense for Police
    • Featured in Sky Delta Magazine
    • Featured in Black Belt Magazine and Cover
    • Featured In Official Karate Magazine and Cover
    • Appeared in numerous Newspaper and Magazine Articles
    • Featured in Police Marksman Magazine
    • Featured in Karate International Magazine
    • Featured in Inside Gung-Fu Magazine


Protected Service Provided for the following:

  • Pope John Paul
  • Governor of New Jersey Mr. Robert Minor
  • Robert Mitchum
  • Journey (Rock Group)
  • Brenda Viccaharlo
  • Sly & Family Stone
  • Jan Michael Vincent
  • Alice Cooper
  • Elvis Presley
  • Joan Jett
  • Ringo Starr
  • Foreigner
  • Barbara Bach
  • The Police (Rock Group)
  • Barbara Walters
  • Tiny Tim
  • Kenny Rogers Vanessa Williams
  • Jose (Famous Hair Dresser to the stars)
  • Jim Croche
  • K.C. & Sunshine Band
  • Dallas Cowgirls
  • Shake Alfassi
  • Jethro Tull
  • Pittsburg Steelers
  • Disco Inferno
  • Fats Domino
  • Neil Diamond
  • 5th Dimension
  • The Carpenters
  • Jesus Christ Superstar

Mr. Hess has implemented training programs for he following agencies either in Self Defense or Impact Weapons Training



  • Montgomery Police Academy


  • Canon City Police Department
  • Colorado Department of Corrections
  • Colorado Sheriff's Department
  • Durango Police Department
  • Indian Reservation (Deputies)
  • Pueblo Community College


  • Altamonte Springs DEA Task Force
  • Biscayne Park Police Department
  • Broward County Sheriffs Office
  • Clearwater Police Department
  • Coconut Creek Police Department
  • Cooper City Public Safety Department
  • Coral Gables Police Department
  • Coral Springs Police Department
  • Dade County School Resources Officers Dania Police Department
  • Davie Police Department
  • Deerfleld Beach Police Department
  • Dunedin Police Department
  • Fernandino Beach Police Department
  • Florida Department of Corrections
  • Florida Fish and Came Department
  • Florida International University
  • Florida Marine Patrol
  • Fort Lauderdale Polite Department
  • Golden Beach Police Department
  • Hacienda Village Police Department
  • Hallandale Gardens Police Department
  • Hernando Sheriffs Office
  • Hialeah Gardens Police Department
  • Hillsboro Beach Police Department
  • Hollywood Police Department
  • Jacksonville Police Department
  • Jacksonville Sheriffs Office
  • Largo Police Department
  • Lauderdale by the Sea Police Department
  • Lauderhill Police Department
  • ITPM Adjunct
  • Lighthouse Point Police
  • Manatee Sheriffs Office
  • Marion County Sheriffs Office
  • Martin Count Sheriffs Office
  • Medley Police Department
  • Melbourne Police Department
  • Metro Dade Police Department
  • Miccouskee Department of Public Safety
  • Miramar Police Department
  • North Bay Village Police Department
  • North Lauderdale Police Department
  • Oakland Park Police Department
  • Ocala Police Department
  • Orange County Sheriffs Office
  • Orlando Police Department
  • Palm Bay Police Department
  • Parkland Police Department
  • Pembroke Pines Police Department
  • Plantation Police Department
  • Pompano Police Department
  • Port St. Lucie Police Department
  • Sarasota County Sheriffs Office
  • Satellite Beach Police Department
  • Sea Ranch Lakes Police Department
  • Seminole Police Department
  • South Florida State Hospital
  • Sunrise Police Department
  • Surfside Police Department
  • Sweetwater Police Department
  • Tamarac Police Department
  • Tampa Police Department
  • Virginia Gardens Police Department
  • Wilton Manors Police Department


  • City of Chicago Police Department
  • Illinois State Police Task force
  • Princeton Police Department
  • Woodstock Police Department


  • Pennyrille Narcotics Task Force


  • Drug Enforcement Admin. Task Force
  • Lake Charles Police Department


    • West Virginia State Police


    • Gulfport Training Academy


    • Ancora State Hospital Security Police
    • Bridgeton Police Department
    • Brigantine Police Department
    • Margate Police Department
    • Middle Township Police Department
    • Ocean City Police Department.
    • 112th Artillery National Guard
    • South Jersey Suburban Police Academy
    • Stone Harbor Police Department
    • Vineland Police Department
    • Wildwood Police Department

      NEW YORK

      • Kingston Police Department
      • New York City Police Department


      • Greenville
      • Wayne County Sheriff's Office


      • Youngstown Police Department
      • Boardman Police Department
      • Cleveland Police Department


      • Pittsburgh Police Department
      • Philadelphia Police Department


      • Bureau of Drug Control
      • Columbia Police Department
      • Irmo Police Department
      • Lexington County Sheriff's Department
      • Saluda County Sheriff's Department
      • Sumerville Police Department


      • Blout Metro Narcotics Unit
      • Nashville Police Department
      • Sullivan County Sheriff's Department
      • Summer County Drug Task Force
      • Third Judicial Drug Task Force
      • Williamson County Sheriff's Department


      • Gavin Security Agency
      • LS.T Training Academy
      • Intercept Security
      • Jim Howard Security
      • Navajo Indian Dept. of Public Safety
      • Seminole Indian Security
      • Yale Lock and Security


      Border Patrol

          • Coast Guard Training Center
          • Customs Service
          • Drug Enforcement Administration
          • Internal Revenue Service
          • Navy Department (Naval Base)
          • Secret Service


        • Ecuador State and Military Police
        • Mexico Cancun
        • Estonia Police & Military
        • Police Department
        • Puerto Rico Police
        • Costa Rica Police
        • Venezuela Police
        • Canada Police
        • Germany Police
        • Columbia Police and Military
        • Spain and Canary Islands






































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