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Michele Krasnoo

Michele Krasnoo

No one has ever dominated the Martial Arts tournament scene quite like World Black Belt Member Michele "Mouse" Krasnoo. In one year, the amazing Michele won an unprecedented 86 tournaments. With her incredible skill, charm and determination Michele was more unbeatable than Tiger Woods. Being not one of the tallest and throwing high pitched kiais she gained her nickname "The Mouse". She is recognized by National Black Belt League as a world champion, since she won ove 300 1st place trophies in major tournaments. After retiring from tournament competition two years ago, Michele turned her full attention to acting, having been already featured in several movies and on many television shows. "The challenge for me is to have people see me as an actress first and not just another Martial Artist," says Michele. Hollywood's search for the next female action star may be over.

Few women can match the beauty and athleticism possessed by Michele. Michele Krasnoo entered her first tournament at age ten and received her black belt at the age of thirteen. Since then, she has become one of the most popular competitors in tournament history, her size (5 feet) and high pitched kiai inspiring the nickname "Mouse". She is recognized by the National Black Belt League as a world champion, Winner of well over 300 first place trophies in major competitions, Michele "Mouse" Krasnoo reigns as one of the top tournament competitors of all time.

She is also a rising Martial Arts action film star. Some of her accomplishments include:


  • DEATHMATCH Starring Actor Horseplay Prod.
  • KICKBOXER IV Starring Actor Kings Road Prod.
  • HIGH KICKS Featured Crystal Amber Prod.
  • FULL CONTACT Featured Concorde Prod.
  • BLACK BELT Featured Concorde Prod.
  • ONE DARK NIGHT Starring Actor UCLA Student Film
  • PAROLED Starring Actor CSUN Student Film

TELEVISION: (partial list)

  • KICKS(pilot) Host ESPN2
  • HOMESTEAD.COM Featured
  • THE 70's (miniseries) Featured NBC
  • MOVIES FOR MEN Guest AppearanceWTBS
  • ER Stunt Dbl.(Kellie Martin) Constant C/Amblin Ent.
  • THE SECRET LIVES OF MEN Guest Starring Witt - Thomas Prod.
  • ACROSS THE BORDER Starring Actor Border Prod.
  • WMAC MASTERS Starring Actor FOX

MAGAZINES: (partial list)

  • MA TRAINING - Aug. 1999 Cover Story Worldwide
  • BLACK BELT - Dec. 1998 Lead Story Worldwide
  • BLACK BELT - Aug. 1998 Lead Story Worldwide
  • KIDS BLACK BELT 1998 (1st issue) Cover Story Worldwide
  • SPORST ILLUSTRATED 3/17/97 A Face in the Crowd Worldwide
  • BUDO MAGAZINE 1995 Cover Story Europe
  • KARATE/KUNG FU ILLUS. 1998 Cover Story Worldwide
  • SPORTS L.A. 1995 Cover Story Los Angeles


  • 1996 NBL WORLD CHAMPION (3 titles)
  • 1996 NASKA WORLD CHAMPION (2 titles)
  • 1995 NBL WORLD CHAMPION (2 titles)
  • 1994 NBL WORLD CHAMPION (1 title)
  • 1993,94,95,96 NBL COMPETITOR OF THE YEAR

To ones' surprise, the energetic Michele keeps herself extremely busy in between auditions by teaching her own unique Martial Arts-Aerobics program. Michele is quickly becoming as popular as Billy Blanks, and she already has produced own series of training videotapes and written a book. Michele feels that physical fitness is of paramount importance. "I have always strived to be in great shape, you have to be in order to excel in tournaments," said Michele.

But it takes more than being physical fit to win tournaments, and Michele wants to share her keys to success with the kids who are going to be competing. "You need to know how to read the judges, know what they are looking for. Things like eye contact, posture and poise often have as much to do with winning as does your Martial Art skill level. You have to be a performer."

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