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Gary Wasniewski

Gary Wasniewski

TY-GA Karate was founded in 1975 by its Chief Instructor, Soke Gary Wasniewski. Registered and certified with the W.H.F.S.C. and the E.U.S.A.I.M.A.A.

Soke Gary has been featured on US. National Television and European National Television 2004.

He is recognized worldwide for his incredible ability and dedication to the martial arts, which earned him the 2003 Combat of Fame Award, 2001-2003 World Grand Master Award and 2001-2003 U.S.A. Black Belt Hall of Fame. Soke Gary is now the official WHFSC Great Britain Representative. Soke Gary is the World Karate Union, England Representative 2003.

Soke Gary first started his interest in karate in 1966, with a book sent from the USA. He then began training officially in 1970 and, since that time, he has continued to train every day.

He created TY-GA Karate after many years of training in martial arts, for which he holds several high-ranking Black belts. He became very disillusioned with what he had seen and decided the world needed something new, and that was TY-GA.Since its creation, TY-GA has gone from strength to strength and now boasts clubs worldwide with thousands of members.

GaryWasn01It is a system that uses your whole body, close in and at range. It develops the mind to overcome fear and has the ability to back it up. A general TY-GA session is an excellent workout and, because you are active all the time, it makes TY-GA a fast learning system too. There is never a shortage of help from the Instructors, who are well aware of the benefits TY-GA has to offer, even to the initially most uncoordinated.

TY-GA values itself on its track record and is now registered as its own martial art, which is a very big honour and very rare in the world of martial arts.

TY-GA is also the only martial art in the world today that doesn't charge a registration fee if there is nothing to register. Not only are you getting the best system in the world but the best value too!

To train in TY-GA can only improve your way of life, physically, mentally and spiritually. The Chief Instructor believes that you are only as good as your last session and, in a real situation, that's exactly the attitude you need behind you.

TY-GA is also renowned for its great competitors, with the Chief Instructor himself being a World All Styles Champion.

TY-GA is open to all karate and martial art clubs and students. To join as associate members thus gaining grade recognition from 10 world governing bodies, and personal instruction from our founder, send your details to TY-GA International Head Quarters.



Soke Gary Wasniewski Founder of TYGA Karate International, has been recognised worldwide for his incredible ability and dedication to the martial arts, which have earned him fame and respect all over the world. For over 30 years he has been pushing the boundaries of martial arts. He is a former World Martial Arts Champion. Soke Gary Wasniewski continues to train every day without fail!

Gary Wasniewski 10th Dan

Age: 52

40 Years Training in the Martial Arts

World Sokeship Council Member/GB. Ambassador
World Grandmaster Coucil Member
Founder TYGA Martial Arts International
European Chairman Police Martial Arts Association
World Karate Union Board Member
Action Martial Arts Board Member
Universal Taekwondo Federation Board Member
Confederation Police/Security Experts Board Member
London International Martial Arts Hall of Fame Chairman
Martial Arts Degree BCUC. University Course Director
Police Tactics Instructors Federation USA Director

Registered With:

  • World Head Family Sokeship Council
  • World Grandmaster Council
  • World Karate Union
  • Police Martial Arts Association
  • Professional Karate Association
  • World Karate Federation
  • Karate England
  • Sport England
  • Universal Taekwondo Federation
  • Kempo Jujitsu International
  • Confederation of Police/Security Experts
  • International Martial Arts Federation
  • Action Martial Arts Federation



  • International Martial Arts Federation, IMAF Medal of Excellence Award, Germany.
  • Universal Taekwondo Federation 9th Dan Certificate, USA.
  • WHFSC World Grandmaster Council 10th Dan Certificate, Florida, USA.
  • Kobayashi Shorin Ryu 10th Dan Certificate, London,UK
  • International Martial Arts College USA, Goodwill and Peace Award, London, UK.
  • WHFSC Grandmaster Council, Founder Award, Florida, USA
  • Humanitarian Martial Artist of the Year Award, WV. USA
  • Distinguished Leader in Martial Arts Award, Atlantic City, USA.


  • German Karate Special Award, London,England
  • International Hall of Fame, Outstanding Personality in Martial Arts Award, Valencia, Spain.
  • ISMA Technical Board Member England, Valencia Spain.
  • International Confederation Police and Security Officers, Board Member, Valencia, Spain.
  • UMAHOF, Legendary Founder Award, Houston, Texas, USA.
  • WHFSC. International Grandmaster of the Year Award, Florida,USA.
  • WHFSC. Seminar Leader Award, Florida, USA.
  • Police Tactics Instructors Of America, England Representative Award, Florida, USA
  • World Karate Union, Distinguished Board Member Award, USA
  • Budo International Hall of Fame, Grandmaster of the Year Award, New York City, USA
  • Polish Budo Federation, 10th Dan Certificate, Warsaw, Poland.
  • European Martial Arts Organization, 10th Dan Certificate, Warsaw, Poland.
  • World Martial Arts Organization, 10th Dan Certificate, Warsaw, Poland.
  • Shuyokan Federation Seminar Award, Los Angeles, USA.
  • Combat Karate Award, San Deigo, USA.
  • Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame, Spirit Award - Ambassador for Martial Arts, Atlantic City, USA.


  • United Kingdom Martial Arts Renmei, Grandmaster of the Year Award, England.
  • Haidong Gumdo Federation, Honorary Vice-Chairman Europe.
  • WHFSC- International Grandmaster of the Year Award, Orlando, USA.
  • USA International Black Belt Hall of Fame - International Award of Excellence, Pittsburgh, USA.
  • Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Legendary Innovator Award, USA.
  • UMAHOF Board Member, USA.
  • World Karate Union Hall of Fame, Distinguished Founder Award, USA.
  • World Karate Union, Board Member, USA.
  • World Martial Arts Organizations Alliance, Grandmaster of Year Award, Toronto, Canada.
  • Worldwide Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Legendary Founder Award, New York, USA.
  • IMAF-Germany, Seminar Awards, Emden, Germany.
  • Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame, Grandmaster Outstanding Contribution Award 2004, Atlantic City,USA.
  • Zen Kenpo Council Professorship Award, Manchester, England.
  • Zen Kenpo Council Sokeship Award, Manchester,England.
  • Zen Kenpo Council 10th Dan Certificate, Manchester,England.


  • International Hall of Fame, Founders Award 2003, Valencia, Spain 2003,
  • Diamond Crystal Award of Spirit, US Black Belt Hall of Fame 2003, Pittsburgh, USA.
  • Combat Hall of Fame Award 2003, England.
  • Aiki Tora Ryu Aikido, 10th Dan Soko Budo Certificate/Award.
  • WHFSC Continued Excellence Award 2003,Florida,USA.
  • WHFSC Seminar Leader Award 2003, Florida,USA.
  • WHFSC Great Britain Representative 2003
  • IMAF.Germany/Europe - Certificate International Honorary Adviser All Styles Karate
  • Worldwide Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Grandmaster of the Year, New York, USA
  • Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame - International Grandmaster of the Year, Houston,USA
  • International Fujikan Federation Honorary 10th Dan Certificate, USA
  • WKA/World Kickboxing Association Certificate 9th Dan


  • European Taekwondo Union Honorary 10th Dan certificate.
  • Certificate of Honour- Martial Arts Association-International, Board Member, Germany.
  • Mayor's Proclamation Certificate Cleveland, Ohio, USA -Gary Wasniewski Day -13th October 2002.
  • International Circle of Masters Hall of Fame Award- Sportsman of the Year, Canada.
  • World Head of Family Sokeship Council - Distinguished Grandmaster of the Year Award Sept, Florida,USA.
  • World Head of Family Sokeship Council - Seminar Leader Award, Florida, USA
  • Panther Taekowndo Black Belt Academy/WTF Award Certificate, London.
  • TAISHINDOH Karate Association 10th Dan Certificate - Novemeber, Pittsburgh,USA.


  • W.H.F.S.C. International Grandmaster Award
  • W.H.F.S.C. Grandmaster Council Member
  • U.S.A. International Black Belt Hall of Fame
  • Grandmaster of the year Award
  • Combat Hall of Fame Award


  • 10th Dan Status Awarded
  • Approved by National and World Governing Bodies


  • Combat Hall of Fame Award
  • Combat 25th Anniversary


  • Police Martial Arts Association Special Merit Award
  • Karate Course For Polish Karate Federation Warsaw 1992-1997
  • Karate Course For Soviet Karate Federation, Moscow 1991-1994
  • Karate Course for Spanish Karate Federation, Madrid 1989, 1990-1997
  • Karate Course for Czech Karate Federation, Prague 1989, 1990-1997
  • Karate Course in Tokyo Japan, 1990-1992
  • London Youth Karate Manager, 1984 - 2001
  • Bohemia Cup Prague, Czech 1989, 1990
  • British Championships Referee, 1988
  • English Championships Team Winner, 1985
  • World All Styles Open Champion, 1984
  • German Open Champion, 1984
  • B.A.S.K.A. Ind. Champion (Midland Area)1983
  • T.K.A. Champion, 1983
  • A.K.A. National Team Champion, 1982
  • TY-GA National Champion, 1980

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