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Kam Yuen

Kam Yuen

Most of us thirty-something and older can remember magical nights years ago in front of the television, sitting spellbound, watching martial arts as we had never seen them before and listening to profound bits of wisdom delivered by an aged, blind Shaolin master to a little boy he affectionately called "Grasshopper". The un-forgettable series was Kung Fu, starring David Carradine. What most people do not know is that Carradine’s character was modeled after a real, living person — Dr. Kam Yuen, a 35th generation Shaolin grandmaster, teacher and legendary icon figure in the world of martial arts.

Hardly the type of person one would expect to find on a Hollywood back lot or, most recently, working on players in the Dodger’s clubhouse. Now, years later, Carradine, his longtime friend and student, calls him the "the greatest healer in the world today".

Kam Yuen began his training as a child in Hong Kong where he attained mastery of kung fu, tai chi and qigong, Eventually his innate ability to detect and use an opponent’s energetic weaknesses to his winning advantage brought him international renown. In time, however, he came to realize that the energetic abilities he had developed could also be used to heal and eliminate pain, so he abandoned the competitive world of martial arts as well as his engineering career to become a doctor of chiropractic. Through years of research, treating patients, and working with thousands of students in his seminars, he has developed Yuen MethodTM, a system of healing so powerful that it must inevitably transform the way we view and treat the myriad manifestations of the phenomena we identify as disease. Most recently he has been helping some team members of the Los Angeles Dodgers, taking away the pain of injuries, restoring full range of motion, increasing flexibility, and removing obstacles to a total winning mindset. Yuen’s protocol has been studied by medical doctors, psychologists and even veterinarians because of the miraculous successes of many of their patients who have been helped by him. The miraculous loses its mystery however when analyzed from the standpoint of quantum physics. At the quantum level, units of matter are so tiny that they cease to be measurable. This is the level of pure energy where everything is connected to everything else and time is no longer a barrier. Tapping into this level using Yuen MethodTM, one is able to achieve instantaneous results. It may sound like science fiction, but it only has to be seen or experienced to be believed.

Dr. Yuen: "I became interested in healing after becoming involved with nutritional therapy. I soon opened a health food store next to the Kung Fu center and instructed my students in how to be physically fit as well as nutritionally healthy. I decided to pursue the healing arts by going back to school in my late thirties. I went to the Cleveland Chiropractic school full time while still teaching martial arts in the evenings. I began to realize during my studies and internship that I was not getting the results I was looking for. Why should people have to suffer and continue to be treated with long term therapy? After reading and studying other healing modalities I eventually came up with the beginning of what is now known as the Yuen MethodTM of Chinese Energetics which combines 5000 years of Eastern philosophy, Shaolin temple healing, Western knowledge, and other modern healing and therapeutic modalities.

It is time to raise the bar for healthcare, fitness and to empower people to take care of their bodies. My goal is to see a healer in every family. It is not through effort, avoidance, confrontation, or suffering that we get to where and what we want to be.

When we create circumstances that we are unable to be at ease with, disease and pain can occur. As human beings we spend too much time dealing with health issues. We also have a tendency to look for the complexity and difficulty in most things that surround us. What is missed is the simplicity which can, in life, resolve and restore ourselves to our true essence. Unfortunately, we are still dealing with disease and pain the old fashion way, not knowing how to eliminate it but only how to manage it. Managing our problems has become an accepted way of life.

To truthfully deal with our pain, we must have a method to resolve it immediately. Healing from pain does not take time, especially if we consider that our bodies are incredible and miraculous pieces of equipment and are more high tech than even the most advanced computers or technologies ever invented.

Just think of it, we actually function on a daily basis performing miraculous feats. What if we had to think to take a step or move our fingers? What if we had to tell our bodies each time to take a breath or remember to keep our heart beating? There are so many functions going on within the human body that it would be next to impossible to keep all these thoughts in the forefront to keep everything functioning. Yet they do.

We were born with the ability to heal ourselves. We have within our reach the tools to make changes within our bodies and minds. When it comes to healing pain, we are still moving at a speed that was acceptable back in the Middle Ages. Many of the healing techniques have been handed down to us from prehistoric times. It is time for all of us to re-evaluate our human potential. A good place to start is at the physical level — eliminating all pain without any excuses or rhetoric. There is no lesson to be learned from pain. You do not gain enlightenment or get in touch with your inner being by being sick. Illness, pain, and emotions affect everyone and everything around us, yet we have the ability to be rid of these problems, whether they are physical, emotional, physiological, psychic or spiritual. I do not believe that we have to perform rigid exercise routines, affirmations, visualization, or conventional therapy. There should be a new credo for all life on this planet — "We expect and deserve health and happiness NOW!" The answer to resolving pain is not hidden in the Amazon jungle, the Himalayans, or on a mountain in Tibet. It is the application of our mental energy within our physical body, mind, and spirit that makes the necessary changes for complete health.

To get rid of our pain, illness, and limitations, we deserve more than commercial suggestions to buy a new mattress, a bunch of magnetic devices, change our diet, swallow some pharmaceuticals, take nutritional and herbal remedies, get on an exercise routine, meditate, love ourselves and be self-accepting of our pain and problems.

The Yuen MethodTM is a legitimate non-force healthcare modality that does not require you to change your attitude or system of belief. Our method is about eliminating any and all pain and is not just pain management.

The Yuen Method™, which I call the "Full spectrum healing" includes practical solutions rather than theories of how and why things happen. This focus on speedy results sets it apart from the rest, which includes traditional and contemporary medicine. Mental thought is used to sort through a list of unlimited possibilities and pinpoint the exact causes, sources and reasons that led to issues, choices and triggers that created our ailment and pain. Everything must be taken into consideration from the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, spiritual, as well as, healing on the quantum level. We must differentiate what is and is not affecting us. It is a mental form of energy found only within our mind and spirit. This is the mental and spiritual energy or "QI" that has been described as beyond and lesser than "QIGONG", uncommonly classified as Shengong. It is mental and spiritual energy activated with our thoughts and not by our thinking. Eliminating pain must be instant and spontaneous. This is applicable to all forms of life — including animals. They respond extremely well to the Yuen Method™. Many veterinarians and animal communicators have taken my classes and used my techniques in their work. There is no placebo effect on animals. They either get well or they don’t.

Energetics can apply to all of us, regardless of the severity of the pain or the length of time we have been in pain. All that matters is that we energetically identify the true causes.

Eliminating pain may, at first, seem farfetched or fall within the realm of science fiction. To rid ourselves of any and all pain without physical touch, from across the room, across the country, over the phone, the Internet or in a teleconference, creates a credibility gap for the majority of us. The most compelling feature about the Yuen Method™ is that it works with anyone’s pain and it works every time.

Pain does not have to be a troubling issue for anyone. Pain can make us feel debilitated and prevent us from living life to its’ fullest potential. Through eliminating any and all pain, we can rejuvenate ourselves at any age. We don’t have to think and feel physically restricted. We can truthfully eliminate our physical problems, limitations, fears and phobias. Pain can be eradicated in spite of what anyone may or may not choose to believe. There is no need to change one’s conscious outlook on life. There is no need to practice affirmations or visualization and nothing to overcome the removal of pain. However, if your belief in affirmations and visualizations fortifies your belief in the healing process, by all means, incorporate them.

Pain management is an industry with a yearly price tag of approximately $50 billion and is still growing. Can you imagine the money that can be saved, and therefore utilized to clean our environment, to maintain a blue sky, to purify our waterways and in essence to heal our planet and all life forms?

Most conventional, as well as alternative medicines, are remedy dependent. Other alternative methodologies depend on esoteric spiritual laws.

By using energetic differential diagnosis we can pinpoint exactly what applies and what it takes to resolve each person’s issues.

Would you like to remove any discomforts that have resulted from injury, disease or surgery? Would you like to rid yourself of the baggage you have been carrying around since childhood as well as ancestral.

When we address and resolve issues, triggers and choices of money, relationship, health, fitness and aging, our pain no longer affects our lifestyle — in fact, it is eliminated.

Yuen Method™ Practitioners are a group of doctors, therapists and lay people that exclusively practice the healing art of pain removal. We look at pain and treat it differently from anyone else. The Yuen Method™ can relieve us of pain faster and more completely than any methodology or modality currently in existence. We do not follow any standard and conventional protocol. We offer non-conventional, simple straight forward answers to the complex questions of dealing with pain, health, humanity and other life forms.

Perhaps you have felt up until now that there have been no answers or measurable results when dealing with health challenges. Because of the Yuen Method™ some say we may have less healthcare business. We definitely do not want the same patients coming to us repeatedly for the same problems. The same patient may come to resolve other issues or for preventative health programs. The good news is you will not need a long-term program. People seeking our services to move beyond their pain have had tremendous success. Every conceivable ailment attached with pain has been successfully treated with the Yuen Method™.

The Yuen Method™ is innovative and result oriented. It is important, remember that health is our choice and our birthright. Decide for yourself whether or not the Yuen Method™ can assist you on your road to health and well-being."

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